A tight network with crucial players in the art world is the key to profitable investments in this segment.

Direct access to artists’ studios as well as private and institutional collections is of the same high relevance as a trusting and long-standing cooperation with international auction houses and renowned galleries. Due to her extensive involvement in the industry over many years, Greta Verhuelsdonk provides this relevant network nationally as well as internationally. Thus, she provides a strong foundation for every business relationship in this respect.

In addition to close-knit international networks, many years of professional experience, art historical expert knowledge and a wealth of experience, access to industry-relevant market research and analysis tools offer further important opportunities to ensure profitable investments.

Dealing with the relevant platforms and tools is a matter of course for us in our daily work, to locate for you the most profitable artworks on the international market that are tailored to your requirements.

„I, Greta Verhuelsdonk, have been taking on this challenge for years – with passion and success.”